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Our Services

We can help you manage your energy costs, reduce your energy consumption and lower your carbon footprint.

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Ongoing Sustainability
Program and GHG Management

• We track and report GHG footprints on a global basis (Scope 1,2,3). • We help develop/modify ongoing sustainability programs utilizing best practices and reporting protocols. (WRI, SASB,TCFD,CDP). • We assist with Carbon Neutral, NET ZERO, Carbon Strategy implementation, including renewable PPA/VPPA contract implementation. • We have access to the most competitively priced renewable energy credit and carbon offset markets across the globe. • There are new reporting requirements on the horizon. We provide actionable information that will keep your company ahead of the curve in this evolving business.

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Energy Procurement

• We provide comprehensive electricity, natural gas and distillate procurement services that will cut transactional cost and deliver meaningful savings. There are hidden costs in retail transactions. We help you avoid them. • We help you manage the entire process. From strategy development, to RFP issuance and vendor interface, to contract execution. • Each market has its own nuances, we help you navigate them, leverage our size to extract maximum cost savings. • Market timing is important. How much you buy is just as important as when. We provide timely market intelligence, supporting charts and analysis to help you make informed decisions. • Demand Response contract management; Generate revenue by curtailing energy. We help you monetize your onsite energy resources (DER’s). Not every demand response provider is the same. We level the playing field, and help you maximize revenue by finding the right DR provider. • Comprehensive utility budgeting, quarterly forecasting. Budget accuracy is critical across many department functions. Gotham will ensure you are prepared every year. • Energy Bill Auditing Services; We identify billing errors and facilitate refunds. To date we have helped our clients capture over $2.6M in energy rebates due to utility billing errors.

Risk Mitigation
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Energy Dashboard / Compliance Services

• We provide a secure online energy dashboard for each client that tracks all relevant KPI’s across each portfolio. We help you “tell the story” - what is driving your costs/savings on an ongoing basis. • This dashboard is invaluable for budgeting purposes, gauging asset performance, and has become increasingly important where reporting functions are required, such as energy benchmarking, through EPA Portfolio Manager. • Cities and States are now requiring a level of energy consumption/annual reporting for certain asset classes. We help you understand the implications and costs associated with these evolving requirements/laws. • We ensure you are compliant, and advise you of important deadlines, changes in program requirements, whether they are at Country, State or City level.

Solar Operations
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Energy Project Management

• We help you identify cost savings measures that will help you lower your consumption and total cost of operations. Whether you have a need for an ASHRAE Level II audit, or simply want to engage in sound energy management practices. • We assist in all phases of ECM implementation, from identification to turn-key project management across your building operations. • We facilitate funding through utility rebate programs to help offset the cost of these measures. There are subsidies at the Federal, State and City levels. We help you access these funding programs wherever they are available. • We provide pre and post ROI / Carbon reduction analysis alongside each project • We track performance of these measures through rigorous M&V protocols. • We provide ongoing lifecycle assessment.

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Next Steps

Gotham will conduct a no-cost review of your current energy procurement and sustainability strategies, to determine if there are any additional cost savings and/or carbon reduction opportunities.


Review/discuss current procurement strategies, sustainability programs, GHG inventories.


Review trailing 12 months of energy invoices:

  • Electricity

  • Natural gas

  • Oil/Water


Gotham will present a full program assessment, and follow-on recommendations.

Comprehensive Energy
Advisory Services

Reduce your unit costs of energy, through effective energy program management, and highly efficient procurement methods.
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